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My Virtual Business Card:

Why me? People love working with me 'cause I'm professional yet personable, serious yet fun, and make it really easy for clients or person in front of my lens to tell their story, getting the job done & message delivered.

Favorite Quote:  Do what you love, the money will follow.

Favorite TV Show:  Shows from the 1970's. Sitcoms, mostly.

Favorite Accomplishment: Working in this business since 1992, I'd have to say creating an internship program that I've maintained since I myself was an intern has to be my greatest accomplishment. Many of the interns are now very successful in this industry. I really enjoy giving back, recognizing outstanding talent.

Best Credit: Being the Creative Director of New Vision since 1996.  I have over 22 years of professional award-winning experience and a diverse creative background in the field of television and video production but running a business is my best credit to self, perseverance and stamina! I just haven't slept since the early 90's.

Most Difficult Job:  Traveling to 10 countries shooting documentaries and television shows, trying to blend in when I'm a tall female with a huge camera on my shoulder! (See photos on right)

Where did you learn the most? With credits airing from local to international TV sets, I have shot in various locations from Florida's sandy beaches to to the highest altitudes of Peru's Andes Mountains and to even to the Wall of China, cultures of Burma as well as cities in Thailand. Never mind all the extensive credits that aired on Cable Networks, Broadcast Stations, nor PBS and Discovery Networks, nor all the marketing and documentary videos that have been seen nationally and internationally -  philanthropy and volunteering for non profits has taught me what matters.

Do you work independently or with a crew? I am highly motivated and easily adapt to new challenges with a solution attitude whether in a team atmosphere or independent project, but it's always better to have crew! Especially armed security military like I did in Peru. (See photo)

Favorite type of projects?  Producing documentary style fundraising videos for non profit organizations and creating "star videos!".

What are your credits?

  • Producer: corporate marketing videos, commercials, magazine segments and documentaries.
  • Camera Operator/DP: commercials, corporate events, live shows, sports/news, documentaries.
  • Stage Manager: corporate theater, live multi-camera, TV pilots, sports shows and web casts
  • Floor Director: live multi-camera cable TV talk, magazine and variety segments, series & shows
  • Graphic Artist: local real estate show, bulletin boards, commercials, sports stats and websites
  • Writer: commercials, marketing videos, lyrics, poetry, magazines and short films
  • Independent Filmmaker: co-creator cable tv pilots, crew/equipment digital video projects
  • Location Scout/Photographer: 35mm, digital, webpage and print

What is your lifetime goal? I have a rare combination of edgy-ness, creativity, technical expertise, yet extreme organizational skills and very resourceful. But I really hope to drive across country one day, footloose, in a convertible and a camera snapping photos with no schedule. There are so many great images that deserve to be captured, I just have to remember to keep the lens cap off!?

Kathryn has supported many industry associations,even serving as a board member of ITVA/MCA, FAF, WIF, IDA. She currently serves a VP of Member Services for Port Orange/South Daytona Chamber of Commerce, Director of Marketing for Daytona Beach Shores Business Alliance. She supports the Volusia Library System.

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