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New Vision Videos

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Special Offers for Agency Partners and DMA Clients

The Testimonial Video        Bundle Pricing as low as $200+

The popular way for satisfied customers to speak directly to your future customers, telling them how great YOU are! 

Gain more exposure & reach more prospects by linking testimonial videos to social media outlets and your website.

Best for building credibility!

The Spotlight or Star Video         Local Budget from $688+
No one sells your business better than YOU.

We have given the popular ‘talking head' video a nicer name!

Be your own star, speaking directly to your potential customers in this short scripted introductory profile about you- and your company!

Use it everywhere online & trade shows.

Profile introduces values & core objectives!

The How-To Video                      Review Budget from $888+

Images speak louder than words, so why not show your customers in a brief tutorial video that is reviewable.

Audience can play back anytime, scheduling flexibility - where learners can watch at their own pace, cutting back repeat customer service calls to save you time and money!

Strengthens authority and showcases your expertise!

The Product Development Video   Budget from $888-$4800

We love to assist businesses who are trying to secure funding to develop their innovative products. Are you are start up company?

Check on several innovative products we helped break into the mainstream!

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We also offer videotaping of Corporate Events, Fundraisers, Seminars, Presentations, Educational Training Series and TV Commercials.