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"they go above and beyond for their clients..."     "very professional, and patient with our demands and schedule"   "...very talented..."                              " notch customer service."  

 "I can call at a moments notice to have a crew ready and prepared to capture the footage that I need!"


Our Team - Our Crew - Our Life

Masters of converting your mission into a creative vision


Behind the Scenes Expert
Our Producer/Director has written and produced hundreds of television programs, commercials and web videos for small businesses, government agencies and non-profit organizations since 1992. She traveled overseas as a Director of Photography shooting in over 10 countries such as Peru, Burma, China and Thailand. When not working behind the camera on corporate films, she utilizes her camera-eye as a Location Scout helping out of town producers find the perfect location to shoot in Florida. Kathryn specializes in producing on a "budget" and always willing to tell you how! More.


Assistant to the Lens
Our Production Assistant / 2nd Camera Unit has been with us since graduating from Spruce Creek High in 2010. He is attending Daytona State College honing his craft as a Director and enjoys filming skateboard and car videos. He also shoots for the school newspaper, processes special effects photography, works in live audio-visual for sporting action and events plus has worked behind the scenes on independent short films with our collaborative partners! Chris is now offering wedding videography services and personal photography.


Master Manipulator
Our Assistant Director and Freelance Editor has worked as a Creative Services Supervisor, Producer, Cameraman and Editor for over 28 years in the cable television industry.  Steve has won many many advertising (Addy) awards and has worked with our Video Producer for decades. Wonder how those images turn surreal and graphics fly off the screen? Working with the Producer, they are constantly making imagination into reality.

"His vast producing knowledge, creativity, good nature and composure brings a great asset to our Team!"

more Daytona Beach Crew & Gurus...

Masters of converting coffee into customer satisfaction


Chief Noise Mixer
Our Audio Guru holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music (New College of FL) and an Associates of Science Degree in Music Production and Technology (Daytona State College). His talents are shared throughout the community as a Producer/Board Operator at WNDB Radio and Audio Director at Salty Church. In the past, he assisted recording engineers at the Mix Factory Studios, worked on NPR/PBS shows at WGCU, and live sporting event broadcasts on ESPN3. Brendan recently became an SBE Certified Television Operator and is building a recording studio for the team to spend weekends/nights in!


On Location Humorist
Our Summer Intern

Not your average internship! Our interns don't make coffee or fetch donuts. This will be a challenging position, and you will be a real member of the team.

At New Vision, we believe in sharing real world video production experience through our internship program. Apply now.

Miss K

HR & Talent Pool Scout
We have a network of highly talented crew members who are available at a moments notice. Why? Because we collaborate with many true industry professionals who love to work with us! We get the job done, our sets are fun to work on - and best of all we pay them immediately.

Want to join us? Send us or Miss K links to your demo reel, resume and references. Minimun 10 years as a Pro or else you qualify for our semi annual internship program. Good luck!

If you need a larger crew - we have a team of highly qualified freelancers ready to go - WITH GEAR!